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Brazilian bikini waxing

Everything you wanted to know

... and were afraid to ask

Brazilian waxes are popular for all ages and for many reasons from hygiene to aesthetic appeal.  Summer time, with skimpy bathing suits, and weddings or anniversaries are the most common reasons for a Brazilian wax.  Waxing services give clean, long lasting smoothness with the freedom from daily shaving.  Ingrown hairs and razor bumps may be a thing of the past.

Waxing, in general, is preferred over shaving because it doesn't grow back as stubbly or coarse.  Many consider Brazilian waxing hygienic because it doesn't absorb sweat or odor.  In clients that routinely wax, the hair re-growth is normally much less coarse and they may experience 20%-30% less hair permanently!

Brazilian waxing at ROCA Salon & Spa Kansas City



  • What is a "Brazilian Bikini Wax" ?
    A Brazilian bikini wax is a hair removal process that removes hair from the entire pubic region - basically, from your belly button to your back.  Our estheticians are trained well for this type of delicate waxing, and reserve this service for women only.  We give you the option to leave a small strip of hair in the front, or remove it entirely.

  • What type of wax is used for a "Brazilian Bikini Wax"?
    RŌCA Salon & Spa does not use "wax" but, instead, uses a special soy product, Nudesse Nufree, for all of our bikini and Brazilian waxing, that actually contains no wax at all!

    The advantages of Nufree Nudesse over wax:

    • Nufree will never adhere to the skin, significantly reducing the discomfort associated with wax.

    • Nufree is heated only to body temperature and cannot burn the skin at this low temperature.

    • Nufree reduces your service time by 50%.

    • Nufree never dries and is antibacterial/antimicrobial.

    • Nufree completely clears the hair follicle including the bulb, shaft and papilla, unlike any other hair removal product on the market.

    • Unlike Nufree, wax products are depilating products, removing hair at the skins surface.

  • What is the Brazilian wax process?

  1. We ask that you arrive with your hair trimmed to approximately 1/4" so the wax can reach the follicles.  Any shorter, and the hair may not be removed.

  2. We advise you to apply a numbing cream 20 min. before your appointment.  We offer a good cream for purchase beforehand.  Also, a pre-treatment of 1-2 Advil can be effective, too.

  3. When you arrive, you be offered a robe and be asked to remove your pants and undergarments.  We prefer not to use disposable panties for a Brazilian because they tend to just get in the way of what needs to be done.  However, we offer the disposables for other bikini waxing.

  4. A pre-wax lotion is applied to prepare your skin.

  5. A very thin layer of our soy product is gently applied onto the hair to be removed.

  6. As with a regular bikini wax, cloth strips are placed over the warm soy and pulled away from the skin.  The hair is removed completely from that area and the procedure continues until all desired hair is removed.

  7. Stray hairs may be tweezed and a post-wax lotion applied to the newly waxed area to sooth any irritation.

  • Brazilian "Do's & Dont's"

    • IMPORTANT:  Do not expect the removal area to be completely smooth, as hairs which are long enough will be removed entirely.  However, hair growth cycle is not the same for all hair, so hairs which have just begun to grow are too short to be removed, and will remain behind.  It takes approximately 4 - 6 months of regular removal intervals to get to the point of most hair growing consistently, creating a much smoother result.  Plan hair removal intervals in relation to special events or vacations for best results.

    • Do not expect this process to be a breeze, though many women say it is less painful then they imagined.  It does sting because your hair is being pulled out, and there's no way around this! 

    • Do take two Advil one hour before your appointment.  Better safe than sorry.

    • Do consult Mother Nature before booking your first waxing appointment.  Don't attempt waxing the three days prior to, and the first three days of your menstrual cycle.  You skin is much more sensitive at that time, and waxing will be much more painful.  Schedule your initial waxing appointment several days after your period, when you are less sensitive to discomfort.

    • Do pre-book you appointments and plan to return every three to four weeks.  Once you become comfortable with your esthetician, you won't want to lose her to scheduling conflicts.

    • Do NOT shave between waxing appointments.  This makes the hair more resistant to future waxing.

    • Do choose an experienced esthetician and ask if they are comfortable performing Brazilians.  The best practitioners are the quickest, most thorough ones.  A Brazilian bikini (no legs, no underarms, just the bikini) should take about 30 min.

  • Is this service available for men?
    When this service is performed on men it is called a "Manzilian".  
    ROCA Salon & Spa provides full body hair removal services for men and women.  However, we reserve the Brazilian Bikini services for women only and do not offer Manzilians.

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