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Kathleen, Stylist at ROCA Salon & Spa

Talent Level:  



Cutting Techniques:  

Standard British cutting  //  Dry Curl Sculpting  //  Clipper cutting


Gray blending color  //  Short, feminine cuts  // Men's grooming

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My mantra is ...

I can do this ... and it will be beautiful!


My guests come to me because I am known for ...

Consistency through my experience and excellent skill level.

Truly listening to my guests and finding the correct style for their hair type and personality.

Creating a feeling of confidence for my guest.  They leave with the products and instructions needed to re-create their style at home and know they look great! 

I am inspired by ...

The masters in this business who I've had the privilege of studying under.


The hipsters in my neighborhood and throughout the country.


Music and the artists who perform it.


My signature style is ...

Making my guest feel as beautiful, great, and assured in their everyday life, which is generally a fairly conservative style.


My professional education includes ...

Growing up in a family in this industry, with 20+ years professionally.  I have had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest innovators and stylist's in Kansas City, Chicago, New York, Paris, London... Luckily, my path has led me well.


I love working at ROCA Salon & Spa because ...

The owners are always striving to be the best, with the emphasis on continued education.  We have some incredibly talented Stylists!


For fun, I enjoy ...

I live for great live music!

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