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Kelley, Stylist at ROCA Salon & Spa

Talent Level:  



Cutting Techniques:  

 Precision British (Sassoon) cutting  //  Dry Curl Sculpting //  Clipper cutting



Short, conemporary cuts  //  Men's grooming  //  Multi-color foil highlights  // Gray blending  //  Up-Styling

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My mantra is ...

A two-fold approach:  

#1 - Change is good… I believe hair is to be an evolutionary process.  One time you

come in and I design and cut your style.  Then, another time you visit we make adjustments to change it up, such as we like length of your fringe, but it needs to be a bit shorter in the back.  Continuously changing and adapting your style is what I encourage.  Color is also a great way to change and accent your cut.

#2 - Easiest is best... If you can’t style it easily, or your hair doesn’t style on its own with minimal effort, it’s not a great cut for you.



My guests come to me because I am known for ...

The fact that I LOVE WHAT I DO!



I am inspired by ...

All the very talented people I have been fortunate enough to work with throughout my career.


Many outside sources.  In everyday life I see shape, design, color and texture whether it be on a walk, going to a museum, looking at architecture, or looking through magazines, both old and new. I feel that getting a glimpse into other's creativity is truly inspirational. 



My signature style is ...

To be determined, as it's always evolving.



My professional education includes ...

Living and working as a stylist in Paris in the early 90’s.


Advanced education in Paris, London, and New York.


Working in prestigious, upscale salons in New York.


Working as a contributing styling artist on photo shoots, runway shows, television, and 

weddings in New your for 10 years before moving back to K.C.



I love working at ROCA Salon & Spa because ...

I appreciate ROCA for being innovative, inspirational, always fresh.  


The owners are also stylists.  They and the team are heavily dedicated to what is new in the industry and are totally professional.  They are focused and dedicated to being on the cutting edge and delivering excellence to clients.  


The skill and professionalism at ROCA are that of an upscale New York salon, with which I have experience, yet without the attitude!

For fun, I enjoy ...

Traveling, long walks, and hanging out with my daughter.

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