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Our experience makes the difference

Not all stylists are equal!  Experience and advanced education make a huge difference in the results of your style.


We offer a talent level pricing structure based on experience. This provides us the opportunity to provide a stylist that suits every beauty budget.

You are free to choose one stylist for your hair color, and different stylist for your haircut. 

Balayage at ROCA Salon Kansas City

ROCA is proud to be a teaching salon where we offer the equivalent of a Master's degree to licensed stylists wanting to advance their career opportunity.  Our Mentor Stylists are among the top 5% of stylists in the nation and are the top talent in our company.  Each of these stylists works as a team together with one or more Associate Stylists to deliver a "celebrity experience" to their discerning guests.  You will love their attention to detail as they are orchestrating your cut and color, as well as the excitement of having four hands creating the artistry instead of just two!


  • Master II
    This level is reserved for our owners and exceptionally skilled stylists with 15+ years of experience. *Scheduling for Master Level Stylists is by advanced reservations only.

  • Level VI - Platinum
    Our Platinum Stylists are seasoned stylists with 10+ years of experience and who have attained our highest level of guest service and retention.  *Scheduling for Platinum Stylists is by advanced reservations only.

  • Level V - Premier
    Our Premier Stylists are seasoned stylists with 7+ years of experience.  *Scheduling for Premier Stylists is by advanced reservations only.

  • Level IV - Advanced
    Our Advanced Stylists are highly skilled, but may not have as many years of experience or advanced education as our Premier Stylists.

  • Level III - Intermediate
    Our Intermediate Stylists have an excellent grasp on hair cutting and hair color chemistry and application techniques, and will not hesitate to seek the assistance of a Premier or Advanced Stylist when necessary.

  • Level II - Studio
    Still fairly new to the business, Protégé Stylists are ready to explore their creativity and spread their wings. Though they are still in the process of honing their skills, you are awarded with complete attention and value-added savings. When necessary, they are guided by a Premier or Advanced Stylist.

  • Level 1 - Associate
    A Studio Stylist is a recent cosmetology graduate student and is our newest talent.  They are either currently participating in our associate program or have completed the program and are working to become a Level I stylist.

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