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Rod Cavner,

Stylist & Owner


Talent Level:  

Master  //  Owner  //  Mentor Stylist


Cutting Techniques:  

Precision British (Sassoon-trained) cutting  //  Razor cutting  //  Dry cutting  //  Clipper cutting



Color Correction  //  Short, sophisticated styles  //  Blonde-on-blonde highlift color  //  Advanced blonding techniques

My mantra is ...

A good cut and color look good on the person wearing it.  A great cut and color becomes one with the person wearing it and helps to define their personality.


My guests come to me because I am known for ...

Consistency in delivering a style and color that not only suits each guests features, but also their personality and maintenance requirements.


My easy-going attitude and sense of humor.  


My years of experience and my ability to deliver amazing corrections on colors and cuts for those who have had bad experiences with elsewhere.


My precision Sassoon bobs ... it's becoming a lost art form!


I am inspired by ...

The looks I see on the streets during my international travels, as well as coming up with a style or color based on what my guests are trying to achieve.  


Fun runway and celebrity trends, but they still need to be customized to make the most of the individual's features and style.


My signature style is ...

Classic design with a contemporary edge to provide versatility   //  healthy, shiny, low-maintenance hair that looks like "high maintenance".


My professional education includes ...

Training for precision British cutting at the prestigeous Vidal Sassoon academies in Sana Monica and London.


Training for European haircutting tecniques in Vienna.


Traveling as an educator for several professional hair color companies over the years.


Various advanced education classes and shows all over the world that are too numerous to list.


I love working at ROCA Salon & Spa because ...

As owner, I appreciate the compliments I receive on my salon, as well as for specific members of my team.  It makes me proud to know that the reputation of my business helps to bring dreams to reality for my employees' such as allowing them to purchase homes, start and raise a family, and take vacations with their loved ones.  I also appreciate the passion and never-ending devotion to this business by my business partner ... my wife of over 25 years!


For fun, I enjoy ...

Keeping current with world events, and having analytical discussions with my son.


Runnng and working out.


Listening to a variety of music from '80's pop to '70's Joni Mitchell, and from Pavarotti to Lana Del Ray.


Traveling the world with my wife for both business and pleasure.  It's great to escape!

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