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Our Team

The ROCA team of professionals is extremely talented and passionate.  They have participated in extensive training, and continue developing their career with advanced educational events.


Their goal is to ensure your experience is above and beyond your expectations. 

Our team of stylists are well-versed in numerous cutting and color techniques.  Their knowledge of color theory and formulation is second-to-none.


They are enthusiastic about their career and participate in advanced skills training to learn the latest trends, techniques, and technology in hair cutting and color. 

NOTE:  Service prices vary with the talent level and experience of each of our Stylists.  For more information on our talent level system, please click the button below:

 Rod, Owner

 Master Stylist


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Level V Stylist

Cutting Educator


 Level V Sylist


 Level II Stylist


 Level Ii Stylist

 Rhonda, Owner 

 Master Stylist


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 Level V Stylist


 Level III Stylist


Nail Tech

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