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We have a history of succes

Award winning ROCA Salon & Spa in Kansas City

ROCA Salon & Spa has a long, successful history in Kansas City as one of the city's premier beauty centers.

1976 - Rod opened his first salon, Blondie's, at 51st & Main.


1981 - Rod relocated Blondie's to 39th Street.  


1988 - Rod & Rhonda married, creating a strong artistic and marketing team.  The popularity of MTV gave way to fashion hair color like never before seen, and Blondie's was the go-to salon in Kansas City for not only blonde hair but, most notably, the difficult art of color correction!


1999 - 2004 - Owners Rod and Rhonda Cavner took a hiatus and moved to Hawaii with their two young children.  They returned five years later refreshed and with exciting products and practices to introduce to Kansas City, creating ROCA Salon & Spa. 


2008 - Rhonda was Kansas City's blonding specialist and a national platform artist for an international hair color manufacturer.  In 2008 numerous small businesses and salons were severely impacted by the recession.  While many salons were downsizing or closing, ROCA was booming!  Rod and Rhonda had a clientele that revolved around a waitlist several months out and knew they had to make a change.  Rhonda has always had a passion for sharing her knowledge and talents with others.  This desire to help young stylists lead to the purchase of the current 8,000 s.f building where there would be enough space to give new stylists an opportunity for advanced training.  The building was originally built as a neighborhood grocery store in the 1940's and was owned by a church at the time of purchase.  The church remained in the building until they were financially able to move on to pursue their own dreams.


2011 - The new award-winning salon opened August 17, 2011, along with the creation of a strong internship program for new stylists.  


2012 - Designed and decorated by Rhonda, the state-of-the-art modern facility won third place in the national Salon of the Year 2012 design competition!  Over three years of planning and preparation went into the creation and design, with the focus on environmental awareness, leading-edge technology, and community outreach.  Wanting to maintain the calm, positive emotional feeling that was a part of the previous tenants, Rhonda went so far as to ensure there were no sharp corners in her design - - every wall has rounded corners!

This same year, Rhonda was awarded the title of "Best Stylist in Kansas City" by the largest local magazine at the time, KC Magazine.


And the beat goes on ...

Rhonda continues to be Kansas City's premier French cutting and blonding expert through various techniques including balayage and micro-foiling.  With a history of 30+ years together as successful salon & spa owners, Rod & Rhonda know the technical skills needed by new talent.  ROCA Salon & Spa is a leader in salon education, offering an outstanding Stylist Intern program which is highly sought after by cosmetology school graduates.  Here, the Studio Stylists are mentored by seasoned Stylists and they attend weekly classes to develop their cutting and coloring skills to meet the quality standards ROCA Salon & Spa is known for.

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