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Mindful, sustainable practices

Environmental factors were a major focus while designing the new state-of-the-art facility.  This began with the re-purposing of an all-brick building which was originally built in 1946 as a neighborhood grocery store. 

The following are many of the ways we have incorporated a "green" approach to our remodeling efforts, equipment, and products we use:

ROCA sustainability

​Green Construction Efforts:


•Low-flow faucets & toilets

•4-Zone high-effenciency HVAC with programmable thermostats

•Pionite laminate surfaces with GREENGUARD® certification for being a low-emitting product (meaning it doesn't give off harmful contaminants into the air)

•White rooftop for seasonal temperature control

•"Open-cell" 8" blown insulation with an R50 rating which completely seals the entire ceiling surface rendering it air tight.

•Restored and treated original cement floors

•All new plumbing from the street connect and throughout the building for water efficiency

•Energy Star rated commercial ceiling fans for optimum seasonal airflow.

Energy & Waste Conservation Efforts:


•All professional salon tools and transformers are completely powered off each night

•Power strips with timers are used wherever possible, such as in treatment rooms

•Hair color is measured precisely in grams to avoid potentially harmful waste

•Measure all product to be used for pedicures and facials into small recycled-glass ramekins or ceramic saucers instead of plastic cups or unsanitary common tubs

•Donate old magazines to local preschools


•Live plants produce oxygen and help balance out carbon dioxide emissions.

​Green Products:


•Professional products from green-initiative product manufacturers, using organic ingredients and zero-impact products when possible​

•100% Bamboo spa linens (soft & silky)

•Environmentally conscience cleaning supplies & laundry detergent

•Recycled / recyclable paper or plastic for most printing & shopping bags.


•Recycled print cartridges

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