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Hair advice from owner, Rhonda

Below are some of Rhonda's expert tips, ideas, experience, and advice on hair care and hairstyles:


  • I have formally trained at the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and London for precision cutting techniques.  However, I tend to blend French or "freestyle" cutting techniques (aka Jaque Dessange, Bruno Pittini, and Jameson Shaw) into my design for movement and softness in the form.

  • I urge you to not turn away from a stylist's suggestion just because you think you know what style of cutting is best for your hair. You have probably been influenced by good or bad experiences in the past, or from the cautions from friends and family.  There are always those stylists who need much improvement in their craft, but don't judge a known talented stylist's opinion of your style and how it should be cut by the poor work of others.

Rhonda Cavner, Owner of ROCA Salon & Spa
  • A good cut and color looks good on the person wearing it ... a GREAT cut and color becomes a part of the person wearing it!  Your hair is your most important accessory.

  • My promise to you as my guest is to give you a color and style that are guaranteed to bring you compliments.

  • My hair "must have" list are #1- Cleanse, #2 - Condition, and #3 - Protect.  Use a shampoo with the pH around 4.0 - 4.0, and a great CONDITIONER and THERMAL PROTECTANT!  Don't skimp on these last two steps!  They will not only create supple, shiny hair, but will add noticeable longevity to your color, and prevent unnecessary trims when you are trying to grow your hair.  There are both rinse-out and leave-in conditioners even for fine hair, so you have no excuse. My absolute favorite professional brand is Kerastase.

  • Calling all curly girls!  I offer dry cutting for curly hair, and teach my "Dry Curl Sculpting" technique to other stylists!  I select and cut each individual curl to ensure the curl "lives" in the optimum location for the design, similar to pruning a Bonsai tree.  Your curls will come alive with more control, less frizz, and easier maintenance.


  • For my curly girls and anyone with dry, unmanageable hair, I recommend you wash your hair at night and apply a Kerastase masque.  Leave it in your hair all night and rinse the next morning. You'll notice the difference in extra gleam and manageability.


  • Each season brings with it a sense for a change.  Besides a great new cut, or a good "clean up" cut, sometimes change may be as simple as a new styling tool to perfect the style and color you're already rocking.  If you don't already own a 100% natural boar bristle brush, I recommend you treat yourself.  My favorite, long-lasting brushes are made by Mason Pearson.  This type of brush is used to seal the outer cuticle of your hair in the final stage of blow-drying, creating incredible shine for a polished look.

    Some additional seasonal changes:

    • Spring:  Time for a deep conditioning treatment and healthy trim to rid your hair from the dryness of winter

    • Summer:  Add some brighter highlights than usual for an instant sun-kissed look.  Make sure to use plenty of sun protection for your hair and face!  The safest and least irritating sun protection for my own skin has been by Sun Bum.  I also highly recommend detoxing chlorine from your hair with the Malibu C Swimmer's Wellness Hair Remedy several times during the summer.

    • Autumn:  Look to the season's colors to find the perfect tone to add to your existing hair color, or to transition to all over.  Rich chocolate, auburn, copper, golden, and mahogany colors are popular choices for Fall.

    • Winter:  Rinse your conditioner a little less in winter, and use a leave-in conditioner to brace against static in your hair.  Know that there are both rinse-out and leave-in conditioners for even fine hair.  Kerastase makes a couple of great overnight serums that don't need to be washed out the next morning.

  • For anyone with fine hair, highlighted hair, or curly hair, I highly recommend sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase.  I have found this silk pillowcase to be of the highest quality 100% silk, and is offered in various colors and sizes.  Your hair will be noticeably shinier and more manageable, with little-to-no tangles in the morning.  You can also tie a silk scarf around your pillow, which is nice for travel.  Your special pillowcase will care for your hair far more than any 1200+ thread-count sheets.  I don't recommend tying the scarf around your head, however, as it can possibly cause a slight annoyance and either mess with your sleep habits, or cause you to pull it off in the middle of the night.

  • Speaking of sleep, I almost always use a silk eye mask to get the best sleep ever! If you don't wear lasy extensions, I recommend this 100% pure silk mask because it's soooo soft, adjustable, and comfortable.  However, if you wear Falscara Lahes like I do, or any other brand, I recommend this coutoured eye mask which provides complete light black-out while protecting your lashes, even as a side sleeper!


  • 50 Shades of gray? When anyone is thinking of allowing their hair to turn gray, I always ask, "How old do you want to look?"  It's a legitimate question, as someone with gray hair ALWAYS looks, and is assumed to be, older than someone else the same age with beautifully color-treated hair.  Here are some options:

    • Slightly gray:  If you want some, but not all, of the gray to  show, you can add for lowlights.  This will put a little more "pepper" into the "salt", and eliminate some of the gray, while making maintenance easy.

    • Completely youthful:  Cover it up!  You can choose a shade near your natural color for minimal maintenance, and add highlights or lowlights for dimension.  

    • If you have a great deal of "natural highlights" that you wish to hide, using our Color Wow in-between appointments keeps your color looking fresh.


  • What's that little button on your blow dryer for?  It's the cool button you use to set in your style.  It helps calm down the cuticle, and your style will look better and last longer. My favorite blow dryer is the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and the great wall mount dryer and tool holder.  I have it all mounted inside my bathroom vanity cabinet doors out of sight!

  • My advice for children's hair care: 

    • Get your baby off of baby shampoo as early as possible!!  Baby shampoo is formulated at a pH of around 7, which is the same as natural tears.  However, this pH range is higher than fine shampoos because it is meant to help rid babies of excessive sebum known as "cradle cap", rather than care for hair (most have very little, anyway).  Once your child is able to cover their eyes with a washcloth to keep the shampoo out, the use of a quality adult shampoo, preferably hypoallergenic, will give luster and shine to your child's hair.  Baby shampoo will create more tangles and a "fuzzy" texture due to the high pH, especially if it's curly or wavy!

    • Purchase a toddler's silk pillow case for the small pillow your child sleeps on.  This should become their "special" pillow, but you will soon be grateful for its ability to greatly reduce tangles in the morning.  This is also a perfect pillowcase for plane travel!

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