Hair models wanted

Model call for our advanced artistry classes…where the service is free (or significantly reduced) & the fun is guaranteed!


Our licensed Associate Stylists at ROCA Salon & Spa are working to achieve our advanced certification and are in need of hair models to practice the latest trends in cutting and coloring. These services are complimentary or reduced fee and are supervised by a master stylist educator. It is a great opportunity for you to get a fresh, new look!


Please note:  Our ultimate goal for live model training is to achieve the training we are in need of, rather than treating the model as a salon guest.  The model provides a very general guideline, such as "I want to keep it long and add dimension".  From this, we would determine an appropriate long length as well as a technique for dimension, which may be balayage, foils, hair painting, etc, and either highlights, lowlights, or both.   Therefore, if you are requesting "highlights", it is our option to do balayage, foils, highlights, or lowlights in the colors and amount of change we see fit.  Our classes are not color correction classes.  Same for haircuts.  If you request a long hairstyle, we won't cut it off, but it is our decision as to the end result to ensure our stylist is trained in what they need to comprehend.  The end result is the model leaves with a great cut and color within the general guidelines they set, rather than specific.


If you are interested, please fill out the form below, including a general request, such as "pixie haircut", "highlights", "gray coverage", "bob haircut" etc..

Your information will be kept on file until we are in need of a model for your particular service request.

Model Menu

Haircut:  FREE

Color:  $25 - 40

Highlights: $35 - 50

Balayage:  $35 - 70

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