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Salon services

Our salon service fees are on a level system based on the expertise of your stylist, from Level 1 to Master Stylist.  Fees listed reflect Level I pricing and are increased based on a stylist's level of expertise.



Learn more about our Stylist Level System here. 


Your salon service includes a stress relieving scalp massage, shampoo, conditioning, and blowout. Your stylist will also recommend appropriate styling products in order for you to achieve the look on your own.

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Salon Services

Our haircut prices are gender-neutral and are based on the length of the hair and the time required to complete the service.

Prices vary with the Stylist Level selected. 


Additional fees apply for long or thick hair, as more time is required for your service.


A consultation prior to smoothing treatments, perms, and color correction services is required to plan for service time needed and pricing.

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