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Products we use and recommend

...There Is a Difference

ROCA Salon & Spa prides itself on the selection of products we have chosen for you.


We want each and every guest to have the very best in beauty products, allowing you to re-create your salon or spa experience at home.


We guarantee hair color results when the prescribed home maintenance products are used:  it's like an insurance policy for your hair.


We will price match any new identical product from any authorized retailer.


Click on the images below to learn about the products ROCA Salon & Spa uses and recommends.

Shampoo is shampoo. . . Right?


The best way to answer this is with an analogy:  

  • Three women are asked to bake a chocolate cake for an event.  

  • Lady #1 buys a mix and a can of frosting and makes her cake.  

  • Lady #2 makes hers from scratch using generic ingredients.  

  • Lady #3 makes hers from scratch and uses farm-fresh eggs, Belgium chocolate, organic milk, etc.  

Which cake would you rather eat?


You see, all three cakes may list the same ingredients, but the quality of the ingredients completely changes the taste, texture, and quality of the cake.  It is the same with hair and skin care products.  It's the quality of the ingredients inside, along with the level of pH, that make a difference in your hair.


All of our hair care and skin care products are prescriptive, and our technicians know what will suit your hair and skin the best, depending on the season and your needs at any specific time.


In addition, when you purchase your home maintenance products from your service provider, you are supporting advanced education opportunities for our team!​

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