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Voted Best Stylist in Kansas City

Rhonda Cavner,

Stylist & Owner

Rhonda Cavner, Owner of ROCA Salon & Spa

Talent Level:  

Master  //  Owner  // Mentor Stylist


Cutting Techniques:  

Dry Curl Sculpting  //  Precision Sassoon cutting  //  French cutting  //  Razor cutting  //  Dry cutting  //  Clipper cutting  //  Freestyle cutting



Blonding Expert  //  Certified French Balayage expert  //  Hair painting  //  Baby-lights  //  Dimensional blonding  //  Curly hair dry sculpting  //  Short, sexy "pixie" cuts  //  HairTalk & HotHeads hair extensions

Follow me!

My mantra is ...

"Routine is the enemy of creativity, and creativity is my passion."

For my company:

"My aim is to inspire and improve the work-life quality of my team of artists through concepts, products, and services that will allow them to offer unique experiences to their discerning clients."


My guests come to me because I am known for ...

Making them feel great about how they look with easy-to-style hair!  I love it when my guests literally jump up out of the chair and hug me!


My promise to my guests that I will always create a hair color and style that will bring compliments, even from strangers.


Believing that shiny, vibrant hair color, together with an amazing style, is your most important "accessory" and will make or break your first impression to others!

Never doing what isn't necessary.  I do what I feel is best for my guest, even if it means turning down a highlight or cut if it's not needed that visit.  My guests feel comfortable to come in and say, “Do whatever you think is best!”

Always having fresh ideas and not doing the same thing every time.

My meticulous "OCD" approach to cut and color.

Having a passion for what I do and caring about how it affects my guest’s life, because it does.  Your hair should be your billboard for your personality and style, and the maintenance for it should fit into your lifestyle. 

Being voted as “Best Stylist in Kansas City” in KC Magazine, which took me by surprise and for which I am honored.


I am inspired by ...

My international travels; my guests; other highly successful, creative stylists with amazing careers; and brand new talent with new ideas and who ask questions, forcing me to focus and explore new possibilities.


My signature style is ...

Slightly conservative, yet versatile  //  youthful, yet age-appropriate  //  easy-to-style, but can easily steal the show  //  healthy, shiny, beautiful, sexy hair - - because you’re worth it.


My professional education includes ...

Training for precision British cutting at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon academies in Sana Monica and London.


Being one of a relative few number of stylists nationwide who have earned an international Balayage certification by completing a complex training program spanning over 2 years.

Training for French haircutting techniques in Paris, as well as Vienna.


Creating my own “dry curl sculpting” technique by learning and combining several curl cutting techniques.


Traveling as an educator for several professional hair color companies over the years.


30+ years of advanced color correction, hair extensions, hair cutting, and other education classes and shows all over the world that are too numerous to list, and which I continue to participate in.


I love working at ROCA Salon & Spa because ...

As an owner, I appreciate having a team who work so well together that our guests can feel it, and who are devoted to our continuing education programs.  The ROCA Salon & Spa teams embrace their art as their chosen career, and not just a “J.O.B.”.  I also appreciate the opportunity to have the best business partner in the world … my husband of over 30 years!


For fun, I enjoy ...

Traveling for both business and pleasure as often as possible, as it balances the immense amount of time I spend in and on my business.


Spending time with my adult children, even though it's much harder now than when we lived and traveled together.


Researching new technology.  I’m a bit of a "techno-geek", with a slight addiction to new gadgets.  If it’s a new technology, I research like crazy until I decide which “model” I should have.


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